We are a team specialized in different areas

We build confidence

We work as a team to respond to their needs, offering a global service, to technical development, management and processing of their projects or needs, responding to the growing demands of technology, quality standards and energy efficiency. Covers all phases of the project and of its administrative management, with different administrations, which represents an added value in the form of quality of the product to the customer.


[ We help you design your project ]

Grupo Tecnon, covers all kinds of architectural projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

We have a team of highly skilled technicians in which are: architects, engineers of the building, quantity surveyors, decorators and drafters.

ingenieria[ The technology at your fingertips ]

Projects and engineering solutions. We plan and execute comprehensive projects since its initial concept to the final delivery of the work. For this we have engineers of roads, channels and ports, telecommunications engineers, public works engineers, industrial engineers, engineers of the building, technical engineers surveyors and experts appraisers.

construccion[We put our expertise at your disposal ]

Our company has a wide experience in all kinds of buildings from the reform more small, housing more exclusive and unique buildings.

At present we stress in works of rehabilitation and the adaptation and suitability of premises, housing and infrastructure.

We try to provide the highest quality to our work trying to each work as a unique work, giving the utmost importance to the quality of implementation was taking care of the details to the maximum and applying materials in a right and proper way to get the best performance from the characteristics of the same.


[ Experience you can trust ]

Our company has many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation of buildings affected by serious pathologies of the construction that involve loss of the carrying capacity of the structural elements, as can be pillars, beams, straps, etc., due to the passage of time, humidities, or to the corrosive effect of various actors.

  • Initial analysis of the state of the pathology
  • Previous reports of pathologies
    • To materialize the pathologies warned.
    • Sets the origin.
    • Enumeration of the damage caused.
    • Proposal for repair.
    • From the technical point of view.
    • From the functional point of view.
    • From the economic point of view.
  • Clothing and signing of contract for implementing work
  • Processing of documentation
    • Administrative documentation necessary to start work.
    • Applications for licenses.
    • Request for authorization.
  • Implementation of the work
    • Completion of the contract works.
    • The work runs its own staff of the company.
    • Skilled labor.
    • Technical supervision of the work executed.
  • Final documentation
    • Management of the necessary administrative documentation of completion of the works.

consultoria[ Will attend an expert ]

The area of legal and technical consulting the Grupo Tecnon is intended primarily to serve as support to small and medium-sized firms, in facets as concrete and specialized as is the legal rules to be applied and the financial position to be adopted.

It aims to provide the customer with a comprehensive advice in any branch of law, or any financial situation and technique that could affect the proper functioning of your business. The advice includes the drafting of any type of report, documents or contracts that facilitates the creation or development of the company.

The legal team and financial Grupo Tecnon is composed of a number of professionals and specialists in various branches of law, business management and administration. We have the technical support for the study of projects that our customers trust.


[ We do not have frontiers ]

Grupo Tecnon has the necessary infrastructure appropriate to put at the disposal of our clients and in any part of the world, all sorts of material related to the new construction and with the reform or rehabilitation.


  • Structures
    • Corrugated steel
    • Rolled steels
    • Anchors systems
    • Carbon fibers
  • Closings and divisions
    • Glazed
    • Metallics
    • Block
    • Modulars
    • Brick
  • Installations
    • Electrical
    • Climatization
    • Domotic
    • Sanitary
    • Plumbing
    • Telecommunications
    • Energy efficiency
  • Carpentries
    • Wood
    • Aluminum
    • PVC
    • Stainless steel
  • Coatings
    • Mortar
    • Natural stone
    • Ceramics
    • Metallics
  • Adhesives
    • Cements glue
    • Epoxy resins
  • Sanitations
    • Civil construction work
    • Multifamily housing
    • Single housing
    • Urbanisations
  • Prefabricated elements
    • Prefabricated bathrooms and kitchen,
      fully equipped and custom.
    • Manufacture in concrete
  • Other materials
    • Consult with Grupo Tecnon


  • Virtual technical consulting, through our website:
  • Classroom technical consulting, with
    displacement of specialized technical staff
  • Technical assistance in work, in the classroom,
    with specialized technical staff:
  • Senior Technician
  • Registrar general work
  • Specialized in offices
  • Labor force